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Attention fashionistas! This mint green jumpsuit with short sleeves and crocheted trimmings will give your daughter that typical Boho Ibiza look! This jumpsuit is a very cheerful item and is made of super soft cotton jogging fabric. The waistband of this jumpsuit is a crocheted cord with pink and yellow tassels and has two slit pockets. The cuffs of the sleeves have bright pink pom-poms and an embroidered band on the shoulders. The pocket on the leg is decorated with a gold Mim-pi badge.

Size table

If you need any specific measurements, please contact us at Thank you.

Age of girl Size in cm
2 years 92
2-3 years 98
3-4 roky 104
4-5 years 110
5-6 years 116
6-7 years 122
7-8 years 128
8-9 years 134
9-10 years 140
10-11 years 146
11-12 years 152


  1. K tomuto produktu neboli zatial pridane ziadne hodnotenia.