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A cool set for your doll! Chic and fancy - perfect for a special day. Just put on the tulle skirt with nice sequin applications over the shirt and add some cool shoes. These ballet shoes with bobbles are wrapped around the ankle. What a nice look!

The doll is not included in this set!

Set includes:

  • shirt
  • skirt
  • ballet shoes
  • hair circlet
Size table

If you need any specific measurements, please contact us at Thank you.

Age of girl Size in cm
2 years 92
2-3 years 98
3-4 roky 104
4-5 years 110
5-6 years 116
6-7 years 122
7-8 years 128
8-9 years 134
9-10 years 140
10-11 years 146
11-12 years 152


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